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As per a survey, almost 80% of people think about valentine’s day, whether in a relationship or not. This day of love is not just for the couples to celebrate their love. But, it should also be the day to love & to have a steamy affair with yourself.

If you’re in a relationship, loving you is not the responsibility of your better half only but yours also. If you’re single, then it’s your foremost responsibility to love yourself even more.

What can be the better day to start having an affair with yourself than the day of love? Here are the 5 ways to start Self-love journey:

Prioritize yourself

Thinking about yourself is considered as being selfish and mean. But, it’s everybody’s responsibility to take care of itself first.

“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” ― RuPaul, American Drag Queen

First & foremost, have time for yourself, save energy to put into the things you love, and do what makes you feel happy.

Learn to say no often & guilt-free to save yourself from being exhausted, feeling low, and ruining your promise. You don’t need to speak no directly, but first, reflect on the request and see whether you’re comfortable fulfilling the request without compromising your peace, health, and self-time.

Saying yes to everyone & everything can lead to stress over time. So, do think about yourself first, whether you’re comfortable doing it or not. Because taking care of yourself must be your priority.

Feed your Soul

Feeding food to your body is not just enough. You need to feed your soul as well. By feeding to the soul, I mean being nice to self, using positive & affirmative words with yourself, following good habits, having a proper sleep cycle, following gratitude, meditating, and believing in yourself.

यत भावो-तत भवति।

It means you become what you believe. In the same way, the journey of self-love starts with self-belief, which comes by feeding to your soul.

Here are 6 things to incorporate in your day to day life to feed your soul:

  • Practice gratitude every day: be thankful for the things you have, obstacles you overcome & about the progress you’re making.
  • Recite Affirmations Daily: Make this a habit of reciting positive Affirmations to yourself like — I’m loved, I’m happy, I’m making progress, I’m healthy, I’m attracting wealth, I’m attending good people, I’m lucky, I’m great full for this life, etc.
  • Write a journal: you can simply write down your thoughts, feeling, and emotions. It’ll give you clarity of thoughts. It’s best to use a journal when you’re depressed or sad or heartbroken, as it helps you take out your emotions and make you feel relaxed.
  • Read Books: Read books & autobiographies to learn & discover new things, feelings, & life lessons. If your mind is stuck at something, reading helps detach, calm, and polish it.
  • Meditate & Excercise: creating a habit of regular meditation and exercise is something your older self will be really thankful for. Physical activity & meditation elevate mood by releasing happy hormones, building confidence, and bringing self-belief.
  • Proper sleep: In today’s rat race to make big, become wealthy, become famous, etc., we are ignoring our sleep. One must sleep 7–8 hours every day to function at its best. Proper sleep brings creativity by relaxing the mind, making you efficient, energetic, and happy.

Become a child

No, you don’t need to join preschool to become a child again. But, you need to harness the child inside you.

There must be a few habits of your childhood that you would have enjoyed back then. Pick up a few or just a one to do monthly or quarterly and see how you cherish like a child.

I used to run to the roof to watch the plane passing by and love to paint in childhood but, over time, lost the habit. Last year I made a painting in the office and can’t tell you how good and cheered I felt. I also started running to the balcony to see the planes in the sky. It may seem silly, but these things make me happy and cheer up my mood, so why not!.

So, get on to a childhood habit from now. It can be anything from painting, cycling, playing a sport, reading comics, flying kites, etc. You’ll see the difference in your mood, and you’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

Treat & Surprise Yourself

Now, when you’re about to start a cozy relationship with yourself, you must treat & Surprise yourself quite often.

According to research, gifting affects both the receiver and the giver. So why not make yourself double happy with a valentine’s day gift.

Start with patting yourself on the back right now for being the best person around. Also, make it a habit to treat yourself and gift things to yourself. It’ll help create a strong bond of belief and confidence with yourself. You won’t also feel the need to have someone in your life to get a gift. In fact, even if you have a lovely girlfriend/wife or caring boyfriend/husband or any other person, you must practice giving gifts to yourself.

Be kind to Yourself

It’s pretty normal to make mistakes, make blunders & feel low. But, it should not be customary to be harsh & brutal with yourself.

The only person who can change your life is you.

You’re also the only one going to be there till the very end with you. So, be kind to yourself. Talk with positivity, use uplifting language, and definitely love yourself immensely.

We all are aware of the inner critic but, we need to cultivate the internal advocate. The inner advocate will be the inner voice to advocate yourself in front of your inner critic voice. Make it normal to praise & celebrate achievements, spend on yourself, take a day off for yourself, pamper yourself to soothe, and be your own cheerleader.


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