Life Lessons before I turn 27

Rishabh Sharma
3 min readJan 31, 2022


  • Don’t have expectations from others:

I learned this lesson when real life was just starting (after school). In school, I thought I’d do everything with my friends and this illusion shattered when my best friend left me alone at a job we joined together. It was challenging to carry on, especially because it was in another district far away from home. You’re on your own in life. Better engineer yourself in a way you can lead, whether someone is with you or not. Do not expect anything from anyone as it also hampers your happiness. Don’t put the key to your happiness in anyone’s hand. Expectations-less relationships will last longer, and you’ll be saved from disappointments.

  • Start Investing early in life:

My one advice to any teen would be to start investing right now.

Investing doesn’t mean an investment of lakhs and thousand, but you can start with a hundred or even less. I just mean any amount is being saved via stock market or bank. Putting aside a few hundred would eventually become thousand and lakhs. Being financially strong is the feeling that you would crave in your thirties. Although, it’s never too late to start the investment journey. I started just a year back. 😀

  • Love is Beautiful:

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better.

Love is the best bundle of feelings you’ll ever experience. You’ll jump out of joy, pinch yourself out of surprise, will look into the mirror blushing, would feel pumped up & full of confidence, and the world would feel lovely. Don’t hesitate to fall in love. Make sure your vibes match as one-sided love doesn’t feel that good. 😛

  • Have a window for Book reading:

The best way to learn things fast is by learning from others’ experiences.

Make this a habit of reading a few pages every day. By reading, you can sneak into the life of highly successful people, get access to fantastic philosophies, get great life lessons without being into actual situations. Books can be your mentor, guide, friend, and motivator. Reading also helps in detaching the mind from things going on in your life by taking you into another world. It opens a new horizon of thought processes and provides you with new perspectives.

  • 5 am club helps:

Waking up late may be comforting for you but, what’s the harm in experiencing something new. You got a life, and you ought to experience things. Try waking up early for 15 days or a month, just to experience things firsthand. Wake up early, do meditate or breathing exercises, stretch your body a bit, read a few pages and then get ready. You’ll get a head start and will be ahead by 2–4 hours in your day. Everybody is different and so is their sleep cycle but, waking up early is an unbeatable feeling.

  • Marks in school & colleges Doesn’t limit you in life:

In the current startup culture and new-age companies, marks don’t matter until you have skills and ways to present them. Schools and colleges shape us, and getting good scores are awesome, but you don’t have to feel discouraged if you don’t get excellent marks. The number of opportunities is enormous; you just have to choose the right skills to use in the right direction.

  • You cannot make everyone feel happy:

Do not try to impress and make everyone happy. Some people are hell-bent on being jealous out of no reason and despite your best efforts. So just let them be; you save your efforts for your good. Limit your exposure to such people and save down on your energies for real good people you have. Anyways, you are not a candy seller who can make everyone happy.

Cheers for another year!

Happy Birthday to me!



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