Life is about Accepting Changes

Rishabh Sharma
2 min readMar 14, 2022

Changes are Inevitable and Universal. As you progress in life, or if you want to progress, you’ll have to face and accept the changes.
I feel those who embrace the change excel in career, relationship, mindset, and all other dimensions of life.

In my life, I faced a change of proximity with my best friend when he left the job after a week which we joined together. We were out of town, and it was a massive change for me to continue without him far away from home town.

In school, I thought me and my best friend would be there together in everything we’ll do further (of course except the first wedding night. Hehe.)
After my friend left the job, I wanted to go, but my financial condition forced me to continue supporting the family. Basically, I embraced the change and continued without him. It was the comfort zone breaking step for me. It also paid well, as that job became the stepping stone of my career.
All that happened in 2012, and after eight years in 2020, when I was over the call with my best friend, he recited the incident and said, “it would be better if I continued with you. I would also have done something good with my career.” (though he is doing quite well financially)
All I want to convey here is that do not afraid of changes. Facing, accepting and embracing changes would make you stronger in life. It will give you the courage to face other severe changes as well.
The lesson I learnt from that whole incident and even today I took inspiration from that is:
You have to fight your battle yourself. You’re the only one you have with you through thick and thin. You’re enough and capable of dealing with the challenges yourself. You’re a one-person army.

So do believe in yourself, and trust me, you have capabilities more than you think you have.

I’ll talk more about the types of changes and how to deal with them in the next part.
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